Delegate to 8BALL

Earn interest on your Cardano coins while keeping them safely in your wallet.  Join with other coin holders and  delegate to the 8Ball pool. Your delegation will help keep the Cardano crypto-currency decentralised.   Are you ready to start delegating or do you want more information on our services? 

What makes us different?

8Ball is an Australian operated stake pool with centers in USA and Germany. Our team have assisted in the building of the current Cardano blockchain participating as a select group of pioneers in the testing networks.  We have provisioned a relay of servers to bring fast and reliable transactions to crypto-currency users in the Asia-Pacific linking with other users in America, Europe and South East Asia.  

Our Motivation

Our work is our purpose, our driving force. We support the Cardano vision of providing first class crypto-services and are committed to securing the future of the block-chain. Most importantly, the interests of our stakeholders are paramount. 

Our Mission

Join with us, delegate to 8Ball and earn more ada as we transition to the new era of finance.  We’re committed to helping more people like you, every day.

Our Services

8Ball offers staking services to Australian customers with a view to maximise returns in a competitive enviroment. We will provide further services such as development and servicing of smart contracts and participation in the governance of your blockchain  as the features of Cardano  are released.

About Us

"to those who dont know us, let's introduce ourselves:  we are Cardano and if you will permit us we would like to change the world"        Charles Hoskinson